Battle of the Badges Scoring

  1. Points are awarded for four races: Marathon, Marathon Relay, Half-Marathon, and the 10k; for fund-raising, and course marshals.

  2. Services are ranked in each activity, best placing Service earns 11 points, next best 9 points, down to 1 point. 0 if not entered.

  3. Maximum possible score for a Service is 66.

  4. Relay:
    • Ignore placings of non-Services teams.
    • First place Services team is awarded 11 points, second place is awarded 9 points, down to 1 point.
    • If a Service has more than one team, only the best placed team is involved in calculating points.
  5. Marathon, Half-Marathon, and 10k:
    • Service must have at least one finisher to earn points in a race.
    • The Service with the highest placed finisher earns 11 points. The Service with the next highest finisher earns 9 points, etc.
    • Only the highest placed finisher for a Service counts, other finishers for that Service do not affect the points for other Services.
  6. Donations:
    • Each person entering a USR event will be able to associate their entry with one of the Services.
    • Participants will also be able to make a donation in addition to their entry fee.
    • Services or Service members will be able to raise funds that will be donated directly to the event - all of which will be turned over to the charity.
    • The Service with the highest amount of donations earns 11 points. The next highest donation amount earns 10 points, etc.
  7. Course Marshals:
    • A person who is associated with a Service who serves as a Course Marshal during the races will earn 1 point for that Service.
    • The Service with the highest number of marshals earns 11 points. The next highest earns 10 points, etc.
  8. Add scores for all races together. Most points wins the Battle of the Badges. In case of a tie, the Service with the most participants wins.