Battle of the Badges Scoring

  1. Points are awarded for four races: Marathon, Marathon Relay, Half-Marathon, and the 10k; and for fund-raising.

  2. Services are ranked in each activity, best placing Service earns 11 points, next best 9 points, down to 1 point. 0 if not entered.

  3. Maximum possible score for a Service is 55.

  4. Relay:
    • Ignore placings of non-Services teams.
    • First place Services team is awarded 11 points, second place is awarded 9 points, down to 1 point.
    • If a Service has more than one team, only the best placed team is involved in calculating points.
  5. Marathon, Half-Marathon, and 10k:
    • Service must have at least one finisher to earn points in a race.
    • The Service with the highest placed finisher earns 11 points. The Service with the next highest finisher earns 9 points, etc.
    • Only the highest placed finisher for a Service counts, other finishers for that Service do not affect the points for other Services.
  6. Donations:
    • Each person entering a USR event will be able to associate their entry with one of the Services.
    • Participants will also be able to make a donation in addition to their entry fee.
    • Services or Service members will be able to raise funds that will be donated directly to the event - all of which will be turned over to the charity.
    • The Service with the highest amount of donations earns 11 points. The next highest donation amount earns 9 points, etc.
  7. Add scores for all races together. Most points wins the Battle of the Badges. In case of a tie, the Service with the most participants wins.