10k Description

Start in Bowring Park near the Fighting Newfoundlander. Proceed west through the Park on Park Road and exit through the West Gate and Squires Avenue to turn right onto Waterfordbridge Road.

Head east on Waterfordbridge Road for about 4km, staying in the running lane marked by cones, and turn right onto Leslie Street Bridge. Turn right onto Southside Road and head west for 4km to Corpus Christi bridge.

Pass over the bridge and turn left to head west on Waterford Bridge Road. Use the running lane on the left hand side of the road, keeping to the left of the cones. Continue on Waterfordbridge Road as far as the turn onto Squires Avenue and head towards the West Gate. After entering the Park on Park Road, turn left at the Fountain and race to the finish line near the Swimming Pool.

Course Layout

USR 10k

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Half-Marathon Course

The tentative course for the Half will start about 400m behind the 10k and follow the same route out of the park. The Half will do two extra loops of the Waterfordbridge Road - Southside Road loop. After the third loop, it will finish by taking the Waterford Trail back into the park, onto the park road, and then to the finish line.